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Since the advent of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) in July 2010, the field of psychology has faced some new challenges. Up until now, there has been no all-embracing group to collectively represent specialists in our field. We feel it is time to have a voice for specialists in the serious debates that will follow over the next few years. The changes ahead will include issues like access to Medicare and related schemes, as well as potential changes to the way we prepare psychologists for other advanced areas of expertise. These challenges, amongst others, are matters that all specialist domains of psychology face together. The ACAPP takes the position that unless we can collectively bring our shared views to decision-makers and funding bodies, we cannot have much effect on the outcomes.

Why join the ACAPP?

If you, like us, believe that it is important to have input into bigger picture issues which are beyond just our day to day focus, and/or wish to support the work of those who care about matters which affect you and the community we serve, then please become a member of ACAPP. Being a financial member of the College supports our key functions and gives you a say in the direction and purpose of the College. As a College we aim to:


  • ¬†Bring together specialists from across the whole profession to discuss shared matters of concern and provides a forum for communication and collegial support.


  • Provide timely responses to changes in policy from Government bodies and the National Psychology Board that affect expert psychologists and the people we serve.


  • Align the standards of Australian psychology with our international counterparts and support universities to obtain funding for more post graduate training places.


  • Liaise with Federal and State politicians, the media and other key bodies to help decision makers and the public to clearly identify the training standards and distinctive features of specialists in our field.


  • Provide a shared identity for the application of psychology to broader societal concerns, helping us to work together so that we can improve society as a whole.

Full Members

Who can be members?

Associate Members
Definition for associate membership of the ACAPP are people who have:

  • Completed a four year APAC approved degree in psychology; and are


  • Undertaking two years of an APAC accredited university program at Masters level or higher in one of the professional areas of psychology; or


  • Are currently undertaking two years of supervision in the field having completed postgraduate level training.
Full Members
Definition of an advanced psychologist for full membership of ACAPP are people who have completed a minimum of:

  • Four years of university study in an approved undergraduate degree in psychology; and


  • Two years of an APAC accredited university program at Masters level in one of the professional areas of psychology; and have completed


  • Two years of professional supervised practice.
How can I join?

We have a small annual membership fee to help support our advocacy and activities on behalf of the College. This fee is tax deductible and is due on or before 31st July each year. The AGM is usually held in August each year.

Associate Membership $100.00

Full Membership $200.00

Click here to download an application form for an individual.

Click here to download a renewal form if you are already a member.

Members of ACAPP will enjoy access to a ‘Members Only’ area. Please contact us to apply for this access.